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Black Ops 4 Xbox Beta Review

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Black Ops 4 Xbox Beta Review

We’re only 42hrs into the beta of the game, however, you’ll hear the word ‘smooth’ banded about all the other sites and that’s essentially because PUBG on Xbox was anything but smooth.

Pretty sure we can all agree Battle Royale is a great concept if used correctly, however, possibly the more hardcore gamer stuck with PUBG up until now. Need I list the reasons? If I do need to, I’d say this

  1. The gameplay is way smoother
  2. Aiming seems to work more accurately
  3. The time from spawn to death or win is reduced

It also has it’s down-sides

  1. Learning curve of best guns, control functionality etc
  2. Inviting is via Y button, rather than Xbox One guide button (which freezes the game A LOT if both opened at the same time)
  3. Not all your team may have pre-ordered the game

Now, if you did pre-order digitally, all you need to do to get blackops beta is type it in the store on Microsoft’s site and download it, if you went with or other 3rd parties, you’ll likely have to redeem an activation code, log in on, ensure you’ve linked accounts then you will get a second email with a redeem code to use on your console.

I buy physical so it’s a touch harder and you kinda have to rely on the community telling you what to do even when the email with the Xbox code comes in (maybe a touch overkill there) but you will have to regarding inviting people trust me.

The beta relies on in game menu (reached by pressing Y) then pressing X on the persons name you want to invite. None of this info is on screen and has caused confusion at least a little. That person should have a mini ‘play’ button next to their name.

The only real polishing the game likely needs is regarding sounds within a 50-100ft radius. You can hear bullets you really shouldn’t hear plus footsteps that should sound father away if three houses back but hey ho, learn to ignore these for now and use eyes primarily.

Battle Royale may seem like a turd to some of you but if you like turds you should understand that most of this one has been polished before beta started. Not quite sure on the thinking behind the Y menu but it’s out of our control. I still think it’s better than PUBG and Fortnite but Fortnite at least is on par for most views (those that build to win mainly).

The addition of helicopters, quads and huge amounts of in game stuff (such as first aid) only adds to a platform that has been behind to Battlefield in 4-5 years.

Also, you’ll find that in Battle Royale, you’ll find zombies (typically marked by the blue laser to the sky same as mystery box) that’s because killing zombies gains you extra rewards but may sap your strength or bullets whilst rewarding you ten-fold with boxes of goodies. I’m a pussy and tend to avoid this but I have been there and yes I got downed by a zombie so watch out.

I really do think when you get past the stumbling blocks and glitches, you will see what I see, some times time is required.

Let’s rate the beta

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