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Hellfront: Honeymoon Xbox One Review

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Platform – XBOX ONE

Developer – Skygoblin

Publisher – Thunderful

Release Date – 12/19/2018

Also Available on PS4 and PC/STEAM

Game type:


Twin-Stick Shooter


Local Co-op

Local Multiplayer

Hellfront: Honeymoon Xbox One Review

This game is an interesting blend of Twin-Stick Shooter and RTS that can be played alone and with friends and it absolutely nails this combination! The two modes offered include:

  • Deathmatch Mode – This mode is the highlight of this game and where the most fun can be had without a doubt. It allows 2-4 players and you each start in a moderately separated area on the map with a few areas (called Honeypots) to either build a Turret or Barracks to produce a squad of Marines. The Marines can be deployed to any area within your range to shoot enemy Marines, Turrets, Barracks, and Bugs (which come out of the ground via the explosions from destroyed Barracks and Turrets). The goal is destroy all enemy Barracks and Turrets to win. The more troops you have, the easier it is to accomplish this, so it is imperative that you build as many Barracks as you can. The Bugs attack either party so be aware of that as they can be of assistance too.
  • Missions Mode – This mode can be done either single player or co-op with one other player. The same rules apply to this mode with the exception of battling against computer A.I. that proves itself to be no pushover and provides an excellent level of challenge, which is great when you don’t have 3 other people to play with.

The controls are smooth and responsive with no noticeable input lag of any kind and feature highly favorable and very user friendly Twin-Stick styled controls with the occasional use of a couple of face buttons to place Turrets and or Barracks and mostly the use of the triggers for Deploying Marines and Shooting your main character’s rifle.

  • The simplicity and ease of use with these controls leaves this game open for any level of gamer whether casual or seasoned.
  • One thing to get used to is remembering to deploy your Marines, especially when you have multiple Barracks as they are your strength due to the numbers. Even with Turrets the Commander is only so strong alone.  



The visuals are very clean and clear with generous amounts of detail especially once you advance to the areas with foliage and what not.

  • The game makes excellent use of texture mapping and the explosion effects are really nice to watch with just the right amount of screen-shake which makes it really easy to get immersed into the chaos on the battlefield..
  • The animations are very smooth from the Marines, Bugs, and Turrets to the drop of the Barracks and Turrets, Explosions, etc. The way the bugs fall apart adds a nice touch too.    

Sound Design:

The sound design is this game is handled very well with decent audio mastering of sound effects, music, and speech.

  • The soundtrack is a major highlight and compliment to this game as well with a very confident and powerful Synthwave/Retrowave pumping in the background it meshes very well with the style of play and keeps that heart pumping and hands sweating as you try and get the upper-hand against the opposing squads while fending off the hordes of Bugs.
  • Sound effects are very crisp and full with just the right level of bass, treble, and reverb.
  • Very pleasing to the ear in all areas and the Marines voices including the Tutorial voice bring back heavy memories of Command & Conquer and Starcraft.  


For the price tag of only $9.99 and packing as much of a punch as this game does, this is an easy recommendation! The blend of Twin-Stick Shooter and RTS genres are seamless, along with the support of 2-4 players local deathmatch and 2 player co-op missions makes for a great time with family and friends. This game would be a good gateway into the RTS genre for those that haven’t really jumped into that realm yet. Sure there are way more aspects to that genre, but this game nails the basics when it comes to strategy combat on the fly! The only thing that would make this game 100% is optional online play. Despite that, this game is easy to pick up and hard to put down.

My final score for HELLFRONT: HONEYMOON is  9/10

  • Interesting and seamless blend of the Twin-Stick Shooter and RTS genres
  • Visually pleasing details and animations
  • Hardcore Synthwave/Retrowave Soundtrack
  • User friendly gameplay controls with little to no learning curve
  • 2 player co-op Campaign Missions
  • 2-4 player local Deathmatch
  • Lack of optional online is the only area for improvement

Review by ZmanTheTech (Snoley Games) Zuryel Davenport

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