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Rad Rodgers Nintendo Switch (Radical) Review

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Rad Rodgers Nintendo Switch (Radical) Review



Title – Rad Rodgers Radical Edition

Platform – Nintendo Switch

Developer – Slipgate Studios

Publisher – THQ Nordic/HandyGames

Release Date –

26th Feb 2019, $29.99 (US/Canada)

26th Feb 2019, £26.99 (UK/EU/AU)

Also Available on – PS4, XBOX ONE, and STEAM (much earlier release date with updates to match the Switch changes)

Game type:
Action, Platformer



Being one of the first action shooters on Nintendo Switch since I purchased it, I was keen and a little fearful to see how I’d react to the platform, especially playing the game holding the screen, rather than my usual controller, however, I was pleasantly surprised how well the system feels on the hands. it’s not quite as good as a regular controller and spurred me to invest in a couple of wireless units as I had other 4 player games coming, however I did stick to holding the Switch for this one.

The game is bright and fluid and has controls extremely similar to Super Mario Bros U Deluxe for pace and lower jumps but as I began climbing trees and finding hidden nooks where I could change characters to Duke Nukem, Lo Wang or Shelly Bombshell, I almost felt a similar pairing to Tanglewood and some crazy mofo had given Nymn a blaster…

The colouring is rich with a great choice of shading once you get past the intro in which Rad wakes to his TV being left/turned on and getting sucked into a gaming universe. The TV, ‘Dusty’ guides you relatively well as you learn the controls and comes along for the ride in your back-pack and serves as an extra long pair of hands to drag you onto platforms you may otherwise have failed to climb.

Throughout the game there are jokes a plenty and crude humour is used to its fullness so this isn’t a game for 8yr olds unless you have poor parenting skills or are trying to educate your kids on rude words and one liners…

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the game-play thus far but still have a fair bit to do (once I stop getting lost, going over old ground) typical me, may I add… This is what you get doing what Switch can do best, play for 30 minutes rinse and repeat in your down-time. It isn’t always beneficial when there is a course to follow!

Rad Rodgers Nintendo Switch (Radical) Review


Smooth fluid controls, great at shooting, however right thumb is a must for angled shooting over other options.


Everything I would expect from a Nintendo Switch and a pleasure on the eye. Great shading, lovely use of colours and nothing that I could disagree with in game.

Sound Design:

Really good arcade style sounds with a touch of Mario coinage and Pac-Man in there too. Keeps you fired up during in-game play.


The price of the game really reflects the quality of the game for a download which in my opinion is great value for money. The game keeps you coming back for more aided by it’s arcade sounds and Danny Devito sounding one-liners from Dusty.

The controls work well and leave you to enjoy the graphics on the eyes. The small ‘fix the game’ puzzles are a nice little break from the surge of game-play and there’s an all-round feeling of quality platforming from an experienced team.

Although I haven’t attempted Multi-Player, I can only assume if the standards of the game are upheld in this area, that it would also be a blast.

Playing a few minutes here and there is likely not best served on this game from my perspective. Try to lay out a few hours at a time so you aren’t retracing old ground like I was.

Rad Rodgers Nintendo Switch (Radical) Review

My score for Rad Rodgers Radical Edition is 8/10

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