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Scintrillatron 4096 Review (PS4)

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Developer – KFunction LTD

Publisher – KFunction LTD

Release Date – 18/12/2018

Also Available on PS Vita (Cross-buy)

Game type:
Casual Arcade shooter
Co-op local Multiplayer
Battle local Multiplayer
High Score Oriented (heavily relies upon this)

Scintrillatron 4096 Review (PS4)

Game-play is simple and straightforward: Beginning as a neutral white laser, choose a colour and stick with it until you have wiped the map of just that colour until they are all gone. Shoot the wrong colour, and your combo drops. Once that colour is complete, repeat the process with the remaining colour, to advance to the next level. As the difficulty increases through level progression, enemies begin to show up with various behavioral traits, however most commonly – shooting at you.

There are a total of 16 combinable power-ups that you will have at your disposal as you progress and they seem to appear randomly. Some have negative effects like swapping the directional controls which you may want to avoid. Those are more likely negative power-ups, for battle mode, that you would want your opponent to run into.  I’ve encountered a few in the sessions that I’ve spent playing this game and they include but aren’t limited to: Rapid fire, Magnet, Tri-shot, Freeze Time, Control Direction Swap, etc.

Smooth and responsive controls help this game immensely as it can get very hectic the further you progress with gradual increase in difficulty and this helps when you find yourself in a tight situation and need to move quickly and as precisely as possible.

– Simplistic Twin stick controls scheme are very reminiscent of Smash TV
– Versatile/Flexible  controls allowing Analog or Face button layout on the fly and optional.

Scintrillatron 4096 Review (PS4)


The various coloured Particles and enemies are very vibrant with a neon glow, that contrasts well with a dark tunnel-like background and upon each level completion you appear to be moving forward through this tunnel which is a nice aesthetic.

The explosion effects of hitting the Particles transforms into a combo multiplier number that ascends into the foreground that adds an interesting layer of flare.

Aside from that, overall images and assets are clean visible.

Sound Design:

Upon first launch, I recommend lowering the sound effects and speech, as it is somewhat over-powering compared to the superb electronic soundtrack.

Sound effects themselves are passable and can be lowered as mentioned before.

Where the sound design really shines, is the soundtrack… and it really meshes perfectly with visuals and style of play, like a fitted glove it is a true delight to hear whilst playing.

Scintrillatron 4096 Review (PS4)


If you are into arcade styled twin-stick shoot-em-ups, that have the main focal point of local and world-wide high-score achievements that you can play with/against a friend, this game may pique your interest. With a smooth-upbeat and catchy electro soundtrack pumping in the background while you blast through the various coloured Atomic-Particles trying to build that high-score through stacking those combos, it can be quite the addiction. However, the games depth doesn’t run so deep that the folk looking for more, would necessarily find.

This game plays it safe and stays in its lane not trying to be anything other than what it claims to be. The target audience, is that of casual and retro shmup arcade-style gamer who is always aiming for the highest score. If you are looking for an in-depth story or reason/purpose/character progression or anything of that sort, this may not be for you.

My final score for Scintillatron is 7/10

    • User friendly controls
    • Casual gameplay
    • Arcade style fun you can experience with a friend
    • Heavily dependent on high score leader-board achievements


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