Skorecery Release Date Announced

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Skorecery Release Date Announced

The mystical arcade sports like from GrappleHook Games, will launch exclusively on PlayStation 4 on 5 February 2019.

Inspired by retro classics and platform fighters, Skorecery’s mystical multiplayer mayhem brings up to 4 players together in intense competitive skirmishes. Sorcerers must harness offensive and defensive spells to destroy their opponent’s runes while also protecting their own. The team with the most runes at the end of the match will reign supreme.

Creative players can experiment with game-modifying Curses that change the rules of the match, physics, and abilities. Curses allow for friendly and chaotic matches or new competitive rule-sets, paving the way for infinite replay-ability for both casual and hardcore players. Skorecery also provides preset spells, modes, and arenas that allow sorcerers to hop straight into the action.

Skorecery’s Key Features:
  • Friendly and competitive local multiplayer battles with gameplay that takes seconds to learn and countless hours to master
  • Fast-paced and tense duels, team skirmishes, and free-for-all matches 
  • Vast variety of Spells, Modes, and Arena layouts for infinite replayability
  • Game-modifying Curses that allow players to change rules of the match, physics, and abilities
  • Intricately designed audio dynamics that adjust to match intensity
“While easy to pick up and play, Skorecery’s tight controls and fast action quickly turn a casual experience into a competitive one,” says Eric Peterson, co-founder of GrappleHook Games. “But beyond that tight core, we wanted to give players the tools to experiment and push those mechanics. Spells, Modes and Curses work in combination to do just that.”