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Award Winning The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters Released today on Xbox Play Anywhere 

Publisher Chorus Worldwide Games and developer Devespresso Games are pleased to announce that the award winning Korean chilling survival horror-adventure The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters is available now on Xbox One and the Microsoft Store and is an Xbox Play Anywhere title.

Story Driven

Hand-illustrated Manhwa (Korean manga)

Survive, Discover or Die

The Story

Mina Park, a student of Sehwa High, awakens at night in her school. It isn’t long before she realizes that something is amiss. The once-familiar school where she spends her evenings studying looks twisted by something dark and sinister. She finds herself pursued by someone or something that looks eerily like her teacher. To survive, Mina must go beyond the boundaries of her school and into the surrounding district. There, she will encounter strange creatures, mysterious strangers, and uneasy allies.

Explore  far and uncover the shadow realm’s dark secrets. Use everything at your disposal to avoid a demoness hellbent on killing you!   Immerse yourself in the warped Sehwa district as you encounter an engaging cast of characters, solve puzzles, discover revealing clues, and fight for survival against a relentless psycho.

About Chorus Worldwide

Chorus Worldwide is a game publisher that brings distinctive and unique games to players around the world. Established in 2014, based in Tokyo and Vancouver, Chorus Worldwide publishes games on the Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Steam, and mobile games on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

About Devespresso Games

Devespresso Games is an independent, four-man team based out of Seoul, South Korea and San Francisco, USA. The team focuses on crafting interactive stories, immersive worlds,and memorable characters through the medium of games. The guys followed up on the success of their console debut and cult hit, The Coma: Recut, with the fantasy, rogue-like adventure game, Vambrace: Cold Soul. Soon, their newest game, The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters, will be released on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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