• We are awaiting a couple of identified bug fixes in tournaments before launching them. Before entering Tournaments please go to your profile and click extended profile and add your gamertag on the console you will use so people can find you for the game
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Welcome To The Tournaments, Gamer!

Register today and jump into competitive gaming. Create teams, battle other teams, win tournaments and earn amazing rewards.

create an account

To join a tournament you will need an account. Easily create one with the front end  registration form.


Join/create a team

GaminGuys gives you the power to create your own team or if you prefer joining an already created one.


Host or Join a Tournament

Add Premium membership to create tournaments deciding on tournament types and prices for the winners, or as a user or a team you can join active tournaments already locked in!


If you see a tournament that you think you are worthy of, lock it in and try your luck and climb to glory!


Win fantastic prizes

Rise to the top and win amazing prizes!