Twitter Profiling With Cheeky Chrissy

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Twitter Profiling With Cheeky Chrissy

I’ve met Chris at numerous Gaming Expo’s. We’ve had pints, laughs and toured a few games yet I know very little about him, so next time you go to PlayExpo Blackpool or Manchester, maybe we’ll all know that little bit more with our Twitter Profiling.

  • So Chris, what’s your real name (if applicable), your age and where do you hail from?

Names Chris, now 42, currently lives in Liverpool, Born & raised in London, recently lived in Cheltenham now I’m here in Liverpool to torment my mother, ha!

  • So, like a lot of us, you do love videogames, tell us where that all started

I grew up with an Atari 2600, then later Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Sega MD, Saturn, Playstation 1-4. I grew up around the arcade scene & was fascinated by it all. So, yeah love my gaming!

  • Do you have any other hobbies that run parallel with gaming? I’m a right old film buff myself and love music. At an expo, you could almost say it’s all three, cos it’s a bit like a comedy drama, there’s always music playing and we’re there for the games…

I love movies, my dad kickstarted my movie habit by taking me to a movie theatre every Saturday and I just love that. Sci-Fi is one of my favourite genres and my music tastes are stuck in the 80’s/90’s. I use gaming as a sense of ‘normality’ as I spent 4 years as part of a fetish lifestyle being trained in how to use whips. Seen some really weird stuff. If you’ve been served tea by a big muscular dude in gimp masks, you’d wanna have normal days too!

  • Let’s leave that one in the past for sure. I have a fetish for simple boxes like the Master System and Dreamcast, what system would you say is closest to your heart?

Oh god I love the Dreamcast now, bought one for a friend 1st time around, but now that I have one I love it! Love that it plays CD-R games too!

  • I’ll bet you was one of them Playstation babies too with Gran Turismo and GTA pad codes getting inputted every time you ran out of rockets for the launcher? Good times… Quite weird that Rockstar made Table Tennis for the 360. What’s the latest console you own? or is there some PC slipping in via emu?

I own a laptop for old skool Retro & Arcade games – (it isn’t powerful enough to run serious modern stuff) – Playstation 1-4, Xbox One, Gamecube, Saturn, Dreamcast, PS Vita, GPD XD for cheeky bedtime gaming. Gran Turismo was something special for sure but GTA Vice City on PS2 was the bomb!

  • You say Playstation 1-4, I preferred Xbox 360 over the PS3 personally and although Xbox lost a lot of ground with the DRM fiasco, the Xbox One X dominates the PS4 Pro just with the Heuchey method. If you could only take one console forward, which one would you like it to be and why?

I did like Xbox Live Arcade stuff when I played on my brothers 360. I would prefer Xbox One X over PS4 Pro to be honest. I love both consoles really, and they both have their strengths. Would like to see Oculus support with Xbox One X, cos it is officially powerful enough now to run that headset & give PSVR a serious run for its money. I love VR stuff & 3D. I’m obsessed with 3D lately.

  • Must admit, after seeing the Xbox One X in action over the last few months, it is frustrating that they haven’t taken the VR step but they just don’t seem to think technology is quite there yet. I have a few games on PSVR and find them a little hit and miss. Some make me nauseous like early Quake did, however, some are amazing (yes I’m totally naming VR World’s ‘London Heist’ here), if you could choose one game currently not on VR you would love to see, name it.

Wanna see AfterBurner as a VR multiplayer combat game for sure! Updated to sh**! Yeah! 

I liked London Heist but game gets botched sometimes, when Option button is pressed loads of times to bring headset back to centered again. (Supposedly PS4 Pro has less of this issue when playing VR games)

  • PS4 Pro certainly hasn’t seemed derpy to me on any of the games with VR, it handles them rather well. I like the AfterBurner thing but all you have made me do now is think of Ace Combat lol. I could also see Dead Rising in that list – especially after playing Resident Evil Biohazard. That was insanely good, for those that haven’t tried it yet. Moving on though, what is your favourite accessory or peripheral device? I know there are tonnes, so whatever springs to mind first?

Just got a PS AIM controller, doesn’t ‘feel’ like a proper light-gun peripheral yet but am hoping it opens up to more on the market for PSVR. Wished Taito would release an Operation Wolf collection for New consoles!

  • I’ve looked at them but for plastic it’s a ridiculous price at £80 odd quid. This is where things trip up with PSVR… You can buy games for £20 and a plastic gun just messes up the karma. What exactly is the most expensive gaming item you own?

Its gotta be my PSVR headset, but got that cheap for £350. Xbox One I won at an Ebay auction for £300

  • Well Chris, the chip-pan’s on fire and somebody is banging on the door. Needless to say, my chips are famous – but before I go, what game are you most looking forward to for 2018?

Red Dead 2, I’ll be writing for a Machinima fan web TV show to be shot over the Summer, I signed on to write the pilot episode.

Cheers for the insight mate. You can follow Chris over on Twitter if you don’t already.



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