Twitter Profiling with RetroJoe

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Twitter Profiling with RetroJoe
Twitter Profiling with RetroJoe



  • Hi Retr0Joe, for those that don’t know much about you, tell us your real name (if applicable) age and where in the world you live…

Hi, my name is Joe, i have a wife and three kids and work in a button factory… Just kidding, I don’t have a wife or any kids and i don’t work in a button factory… my real name is Joe though that’s for sure and I’m 31 from Manchester in the UK.

  • Eh up, we’ve got a live one here. I remember we first met when you rocked up to EGX when I advertised a spare ticket and we’ve been friends ever since thanks to Twitter. Have you had any other similar experiences you can think of that were similarly uncanny?

Funnily enough I met my Girlfriend on twitter ūüėČ We got talking and we met at a comic convention in London… apart from that, plenty of times, I think every event I go to I meet lots of gamers I interact with on twitter, isn’t¬†technology a wonderful thing?

  • One things for sure, we’ll keep defining old the older we become. Talking of the future, do you have any plans set ahead of you? I hear you may be moving southwards with your partner?

So true…yes once I’ve¬†passed my driving test I’ll be swapping rainy manchester for the sunny south coast. Maybe I’ll¬†finally top up my tan, who knows but I’m looking forward to it. Feels like a new chapter ya know.

  • Well I hope you pass it soon. Any expos you’ll be taking onboard this year via other travel methods beforehand?

I would like to go to Play Expo London and the Play Blackpool event in place of Manchester. EGX is tempting too but we will have to see.

  • We have 4 going to EGX so you’re welcome to travel with – if you like. So many games these days, anything new on your gamedar?

Cool thanks! I’ll look in to it!… I’ve been playing a lot of PS1 as of late but when I’m not playing the classics, I’m sailing the seven seas on ‘Sea of Thieves’, it’s excellent!

  • I haven’t walked that plank yet. It’s funny because I just got the Samsung Galaxy S9 and don’t do mobile gaming so I’m technically under-using it. Are there any consoles you own that maybe you aren’t getting the most from too?

I try to switch between consoles as I tend to play what I feel like playing. One moment I could be playing Sonic 2 on the Mega Drive then all of a sudden I’ll have an urge to play Flashback on the SNES and I’ll switch the console out there and then, so nothing really gets neglected, I’m strange.

  • Those were your words haha. What are you up to workwise these days? Are you still in accountancy? Anything come from the ‘aspiring voice actor’ as seen in your Twitter bio – and didn’t you do a bit of work in Wulverblade?

Yep still in accountancy, I don’t¬†mind it because I get to work on a computer, pretty much every job I’ve¬†had has evolved round computers in some way, I worked at Pc World for nearly ten years so to work on a PC rather than selling them is kinda refreshing. Nothing as of yet for the voice work but there are a few things in the pipeline that I will be working on in the future where my voice talent will be needed. Apart from that the radio show I do is going well so even though it’s not exactly voice acting, my voice is still¬†used, but over the airwaves instead…on the last level of wulverblade there is a character based on me called “Vetus Joe”…Vetus apparently means “Retro” in old roman so it was cool to see and fight myself in such a class game.

  • Yeah it’s very cool to be a game character and moving on to the radio show ie. ‘GameFace’, how’s that all going? I was very impressed with the setup at the christmas party in Arcade Club (god I love that place). It’s hard as hell to get anyone to do a thing they say at the best of times I know from experience so how does the show’s host manage to keep a team running like that? Any plans to step it up in the future?

Well Graeme¬†the Gameface host is very energetic, I don’t¬†know how he does it! He can make a convo about anything. Regarding it’s running, there are a few of us who run it, having different¬†roles. We are all cogs on the ‘Gameface machine’ and we all have to work together, which we do well. We have a discord group where we meticulous plan everything, so it really does help us as a team because we communicate with each¬†other loads.

  • So is Gameface a voluntary role from all of you, similar to GaminGuys? I know there are running and equipment costs for the show hence there is the odd sponsor. I pay all the costs myself¬†but he has lots more equipment – how does that work?

Yep all volunteers. We do it out of the love for gaming and chip tune, although we don’t get paid for what we do, Because of Fab Radio and BVTV, we have an awesome radio station and a TV studio at our disposal¬†to use whenever we please so we don’t¬†have much running costs.

  • Well Joe it’s been a pleasure catching up and sharing your story with the readers. Over the next five years, which areas would you like to evolve? I could think of 20 of us that should be doing TV properly for the gaming sector. What’s your take on it?

I totally agree, there’s a lot of people who put in a lot of work who deserve TV exposure. I would like to see real gaming TV come back to our screens and I think we may have that with the new digitiser show¬†Kickstarter project! Thanks for the interview, it’s always a pleasure working with GaminGuys!

There you go guys, hopefully you’ve either caught up or gotten to know Joe a little better than previously. I hope you’re enjoying these interviews as much as we love making them. Coming up soon, we’ll be speaking to Anna from MakinGames, developers of Raging Justice as well as more users in the community. Game on and we’ll see you soon.