Win a super Famicom BittBoy – Worldwide

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author image by Neil | 0 Comments | April 7, 2018
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Win a super Famicom BittBoy – Worldwide

Hello my pretties!

Our friends over at BittBoy were kind enough to donate 3 handheld consoles and this is the coveted SFC giveaway which we’re gonna run worldwide so everyone gets a chance this time round. So far, we’ve given away a yellow one to Debbie H who’s up north in the UK and Phil T who’s from the land of Ambrosia Cream Rice and now it’s your turn.

You should know all about these funky little handhelds by now so let me just re-iterate briefly. Colour screen, great speaker, rechargeable and plugs into a big TV which plays pretty darn decent too. 300 games to choose from too with a great selection of some of the best classics out there.

If you don’t win but are interested in buying a unit, you can choose from the BittBoy product colour range on their store

Hope you had a fantastic break last weekend and everyone stayed safe. Let’s get it on…

Competition times – 6:00PM 8th April 2018 — 5:59PM 15th April 2018 BST